Cure peripheral vascular disease does smoking, price generic pentoxifilina order legally usa

Cure peripheral vascular disease does smoking, price generic pentoxifilina order legally usa

Cure peripheral vascular disease does smoking, price generic pentoxifilina order legally usa

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How can untreated PAD lead to the loss of a leg? If that blockage remains in the peripheral arteries of the legs, it can cause pain, changes in skin color, difficulty walking and sores or ulcers. Total loss of circulation to the legs and feet can cause gangrene and the loss of a limb. If the blockage occurs in a carotid artery, it can cause a stroke.
Can you live a long life with coronary artery disease? Heart disease is the most common cause of death among both men and women, claiming the lives of more than a half-million Americans each year. Fortunately, more and more people with CAD are living long and active lives, thanks to remarkable advances in diagnosis and treatment.

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